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20Lighter Presents - Stories Behind The Science

Jan 18, 2018

Meet 20Lighter Co-Founder, Jessica Barnes Ph.D.  

Doctor Barnes’ research background was integral in the development of  20Lighter’s award winning weight loss programs.

Here's a bit of the podcast.

"We took everything we could find in the scientific literature, the history of dieting and existing interventions, and all the new groundbreaking research on areas of human physiology that play a role in metabolism, appetite, and energy production. You name it, we researched it and dissected it all. We looked for patterns and interrelated themes, and discovered our partnership just happened to be the perfect match of traditional Scientific experience, physiological understanding and non-traditional holistic and homeopathic expertise. So as it turned out, my background of research into genes and proteins and organs and systems, and my time spent learning about the FDA and drug development, all these different seemingly unrelated components became critical as we worked together to build a cutting edge totally out of the box program."